I’m rewriting Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

I never liked the story as it was presented in the song. It seemed like the bullies won. I decided to rewrite it so that it’s still a kids story, still pretty basic, but so that the moral of the story is more palatable.

The story of the story of Rudolph is pretty interesting. It was written by Robert L. May while working for Montgomery Ward and given away for free as a coloring book. The company eventually gave him the rights to it in ’47 and his brother wrote the song in ’49. And the original story was fairly different from the story we all know from the song.

Still it needed rewriting. The difference is that now, both the Reindeer who ostracize him and Rudolph himself are in the wrong, and they all learn a lesson, naturally.

I haven’t written anything in a few years, and this was fun.


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