Movies: The Game Plan

I took Rowen to see this today. We met a friend and her kids, a boy Rowen’s age (9), and a 4 year old. The movie was a hit. All three kids really enjoyed it, and my friend even got weepy at one point.

For me, it was good. Certainly worth going to, especially as a daddy-daughter movie. It’s fairly standard kid movie stuff: child shows up at door of super self centered football star (played very nicely by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and he learns valuable life lessons from her. The little girl was especially charming, and Johnson surprised me by being genuinely funny.

Overall, while I had a good time, I don’t think I’d ever bother to watch it again. Everything was good, but nothing stood out above that. The story, while well used, was fun. The dialog was witty, the characters fun, the setting interesting, but no one thing wowed me. So I do recommend it, I just don’t think it’s yield anything to repeated viewings.


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