I love the funny books! I have since I was maybe 6 or 7. In fact, I can recall my very first exposure to them. I was rummaging in various neighbors garbage, as was my want, and I found a small stack of comics. I’m sure I’d seen them in shops and drugstores, but I don’t ever recall bothering to read one. I took those 3 or 4 books out of the trash and read them all multiple times. I think I was completely hooked at that point. And those books really belonged in the trash. The covers were ripped and covered with crayon and pen, some pages were missing, and they were generally in bad shape. But I loved them, and still do. I have 2 of them to this day, a Fantastic Four and a Thor (I don’t have issue numbers off hand).

I started reading comics then and haven’t stopped. I don’t get that many, 5 or 6 a month, down from a high of maybe 15 a week. So occasionally I’m going to do a short review of what’s come in. It wont be on a regular schedule, just when a bunch pile up. With that, the comics:

  • Jack Of Fables No. 13 and 14: This is a spin off from Fables, which I’ll be getting to. Jack is a sort of every fable. He’s Jack of beanstalk fame, and Jack be nimble and every other Jack, plus a lot of other names. He’s also a self-centered egomaniac who can’t be killed. And he considers himself irresistible. All in all a nice little package. The current storyline centers on him being run through by Excaliber and and acting as the stone. Yeah, the sword wont come out. It’s a great read. I’m constantly entertained and it never tries to hard to be odd or cutting edge. You just get fun stories told well.
  • Powers No. 25: Detective Christian Walker is an immortal who used to have super powers, lost them, and is now currently enjoying new powers based on the fact that he has been chosen as the guardian of Earth by a secret intergalactic organization. Simple, right? Him and his partner, Deena Pilgrim, mostly investigate crimes related to Supers. Oh, and she is currently also imbued with powers from a virus. And she murdered her ex-boyfriend. I’m loving this book, the writing is tight and lovely. Despite the fairly dark tone to it, you want the characters to win and be happy. The art is something that had to grow on me. But it has, and has led me to enjoying other books with a similar style.
  • Fables No 63 – 65: Quick recap of what this is about: Fables and story and campfire tales are all real, they existed in their own worlds. An evil called The Adversary conquers them all and the remaining fables flee to our world where they plot a return. So, there’s a lot going on in these 3 issues. 63 and 65 continue the story of The Good Prince. The Frog Prince, after regaining his memory, decides it’s time to step up and lead an attack on the lands of the Adversary. In 64, Snow White and The Big Bad Wolf (AKA Bigby) introduce their litter of cubs to the one cub they’ve been keeping secret. This is another book that just has lovely writing. It always entertains, and it’s a bit more substantial than Jack of Fables.
  • Fables

  • The Tick Comic Con Extravaganza Does it really matter what happens? The Tick RULES! He’s a nigh invulnerable moron with a heart of gold. And his sidekick is a moth guy. What not to love?
  • Hellblazer No 234 and 235: Parts one and two of Joyride. As usual, Constantine gets involved in some supernatural hijinxs through no fault of his own. This is shaping up to be a good story arc. It has all the elements I love in a Constantine story: John himself doesn’t really give a damn about the people he’ll end up helping, a mysterious person pulling strings, and a seriously pissed off John Constantine.
  • The Goon No 19: The Goon tears some sort of monster to bits with his bare hands. Nothing to see here, move along now.
  • Goon

  • The Boys No 9: Garth Ennis having fun beating up on superheros. The Boys are a group of unpowered folks who have decided to turn the tables on the supers. They’ve all got reasons for hating supers, but it amounts to the fact that supers, being what they are and able to do what they do, don’t much give a damn about the rest of us. And this lot wants to make them pay for that. it’s Garth Ennis, he rarely fails to deliver an enjoyable read, and this time is not different.
  • Ultimate Power No 7 of 9: I’m really regretting getting this. I’m going to go ahead and get the rest, but it has really devolved into a hopeless mess with no rhyme or reason to any of it.

That’s all of them. Not counting 4 collections of Walking Dead that I’m not going to get to tonight.


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