Steven Colbert

There was a great interview of Stephen Colbert today on NPR’s Fresh Air.

Colbert hosts a show on Comedy Central called The Colbert Report. It comes on after the almost impossibly perfect Daily Show. Watch that show if you haven’t. But Colbert might be the more interesting host. He basically plays a character called “Stephen Colbert”. Stephen is ultra conservative, ultra right wing, ultra self absorbed, and ultra wrong.

That sounds like it might get to be too much real fast, but it doesn’t. It’s a dead on send up of every ridiculous right wing talk show host, starting with the guy Colbert calls “Papa Bear”, Bill O’Reilly. In fact, we only watch it a few times a week, not because it gets old, but because it can get a bit painful watching him do such a good job. And that’s another reason the show is so great. It doesn’t slide off into easy gags when things get uncomfortable. Colbert stays right in character.

Tim Says: Check it out!

And to prove my love for Stewart and Colbert, this is the t-shirt I’m wearing right now: Stewart/Colbert ‘08


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