Web Comics

A couple of excellent comics I read regularly on the web:

Girl Genius Online Comics!


HER! [Girl vs Pig]

Girl Genius is as good as any comic I buy at the shop. In fact, despite it being free online, I bought several of the graphic novel collections. It’s that good.

xkcd is a nerd culture strip. It’s brilliant. Also nice is that it often forces me to look stuff up in order to get the joke.

Her! [Girl vs Pig] is a short strip that comes our with depressing irregularity. Imagine a cute little girl with psychotic tendencies and access to far future tech, and her irrational love/late relationship with a pig. It always makes me laugh.

Anyone know any others I should check out?


3 Responses

  1. xkcd is seriously the best.

    do you read cat and girl? http://www.catandgirl.com/

  2. Nice, thanks for the recc.!

  3. Hey thanks for schooling me on a few of these. Will check them out and let you know what I think.

    For someone writing their own Web Comic, I haven’t checked out a lotta the stuff on the web. My obsession mostly involves print comics. :p

    Thanks again…

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