Teh Stoopid

There exist people who just lurv vinyl records. They have a good reason to love them, they think it’s cool to do so. Don’t misunderstand, they don’t think vinyl records are cool, they think the fact that they like them is cool. They are wrong. Maybe collecting vinyl records in the way that collecting wax music scrolls is cool. Or tin toys or old radios or pez dispensers or anything that has lost it’s place and usefulness in the world is cool.

But wanting to get current music on vinyl is an affect. It’s like a guy from Jersey adopting an English accent. And it’s silly, and embarrassing. What’s even more embarrassing is this:

VinylDisc: Hey You Got Vinyl on My CD

This amounts to an admission that vinyl is a ridiculous medium when compared to CDs. And that anyone still buying them is doing the equivalent of wearing a tophat, every single day. In fact, it’s worse than wearing a tophat every day in every situation. At least the tophat is amusing.

via Gizmodo


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