Weigh In

Today: 295 Weight Loss: 5 lbs

I started on the recumbent exercise bike 4 weeks ago. And in the last week or so I’ve really started to watch how much I eat. I’m especially careful with the dangerous stuff like ice cream and other sweets, breads, etc. But I still eat the stuff I love, I’m just eating less of it.

I’m pleased with the progress. It’s seems slow, 5 lbs in 4 weeks. Last time I found that what made the biggest difference was not exercise, but eating. The same is true this time, so the rate of loss should pick up a bit.

As for weighing in, I devised a method that both keeps me motivated and encouraged, and minimizes discouragement. I weigh myself everyday, but I don’t consider myself to have attained a weight until I’ve been at or below that weight for a week straight. I also only count in 5lb increments. What all that does is removes the normal small fluctuation’s in weight from bothering me. If I’m 294 one day, 292.5 the next, and then 293, I’m not bummed because it all counts towards 295.

I’ve also added basic pushups and situps to my workout.


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