Philly Boy Scouts Have To Pay

This story tells how the Philadelphia chapter of the Boy Scouts has lost it’s sweetheart rent deal on city owned property. Long short is that if the Boy Scouts are going to discriminate, Philly isn’t going to rent them space for $1 a year. And the Boy Scouts do discriminate, they even went to the Supreme Court to insure they were able to keep doing so. The BSA (Boy Scouts of America) does not allow openly gay members.

Bravo to Philadelphia to for doing the right thing. It’s sad that they had to, though. The BSA is a good organization. They teach kids lots of things that it’s nearly impossible for them to get other places. There are plenty of kids who would never have spent a day under the open sky if not for the Boy Scouts. Or who might never had tried to do something positive for their community, or tried to make something with just their hands. And while all those good points aren’t washed away by their choice to discriminate, it does mean that I can’t support them.

If enough local chapters start losing their meeting places, and finding they don’t have local support anymore maybe the national leadership of the BSA will come to see it’s time to practice acceptance. I just hope they aren’t the sort who would rather see the BSA destroyed than allow gays into their ranks. That would be a sad day.


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