Respecting Our Elders, Even Elephant Elders

This article has a touching description of a venerable elephant and the love and respect her caretakers have for her.

It’d be nice if everyone of that age was given the same level of care. Other nations and cultures treat their elders differently, but here in the U.S. we have devolved into a kind of careless neglect of our old folks.  I don’t mean that all or even most old people in the U.S. are neglected, just that it seem to have become a sort of default.

On hearing that a child was left to starve to death, I’m shocked and disgusted and outraged. Hearing the same about an elderly person, all the outrage is still there, but I’m not surprised.

I’m not much better. I live a continent away from my 84 year old Mom. Luckily all her kids but me are in visiting distance, and she has a healthy gaggle of grandkids who all love and respect her. I do what I can, calling (though not enough) and visiting as often as I can afford. I hope my Mom feels cared for. I sent her a bunch of pics the other day, mostly of Rowen. It’s stuff from flickr, but my Mom is not a big fan of the computer, so she’s likely never seen them.

I think I’ll book tickets for me and Rowen to go back home around christmas.


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