Weigh In: 290 lbs

(I actually hit 290 yesterday but forgot to post, what with all the celebrating and cake and champaign)

Today: 290 Weight Loss: 10 lbs

That’s 10 lbs in a month. I think I can keep that up for a long time. I’ve added time to my bike workouts. Before I was on for 30 minutes every weekday, resistance at 10 (max), and I’d trade off a 60-90 seconds at 20 MPH then back down to 16 MPH for 3 minutes. Now I do the same, but once I’m done with the initial 30 minutes that way, I drop the resistance to 5 and turn on a show on Tivo or a movie on dvd and watch that for an additional 30, or until the show is over. I’ve been burning a lot more calories that way, about 400 a day.


3 Responses

  1. Excellent! Got a link to your bike model? I’d like to find something to do at home as well.

  2. The model I have is a NordicTrack SL720 (manual here).

    I choose a recumbent bike after using one for a while at a gym in MA. They are superior to regular exercise bikes for a whole host of reasons. And anything is better than a treadmill.

  3. Cool, thanks.

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