Comics, Vol. 2

Bunch of good books this time and one stinker so bad that I’m just confused about what to do.

  • Ultimate Power No. 8 of 9:
    Okay, okay! I give up! This book SUCKS! My god, is it bad. There is one issue left, and I’m canceling my order. I just can’t be bothered. It’s a lame mish mash of various version of the Squadron Supreme and a double handfull of mainstream Marvel heroes. Add a giant helping of utterly shitty writing and uninspired art. What the hell was I thinking?
  • The Boys No. 11:
    Ah, so much nicer after that last odoriferous offering. This has all the mayhem I come to expect from Garth Ennis, including sex, drinking, violence, severed fingers, and a face-in-a-box. You really don’t need to know much more about this title to feel the awesome wafting from it. I feel much better!
  • Jack of Fables No. 15 and 16:
    No. 15 tells gives us the story of how Jack is a copy of Wicked John, Babe the Blue Ox’s internal monologue, deals with the devil, and a forgetful god. No. 16 is a bargain basement full of deals with devils, presumably in honor of Halloween. This title might be called zany, if crappy sitcoms hadn’t debased that lovely word.
  • Powers No 26:
    PowersDeena confronts Walker and we find out that Walker’s new partner is Internal Affairs. Not a whole lot happening in this issue, really, but it advances the story in important ways. As always, a good book.
  • Fables No. 66:
    The frog prince sets up a sanctuary inside the Adversary’s lands. Something truly excellent is getting ready to happen in this book. The buildup has been riveting, and the only thing left is for all hell to break loose.
  • Astro City: The Dark Age, Book Two No 4:
    Dark AgeKurt Busiek is another of the best writers in the business. He might even be the best. Astro City never fails to deliver a complete story with depth and characters, both human and super, that you want to believe in. This wraps up Book Two I think, but doesn’t finish the larger arc of the two brothers, Charles and Royal. The art is decent but doesn’t do much for me, but it hardly matters with writing like this.
  • Hellblazer No 236 and 237:
    The last two parts of the Joyride arc. This is what I love about Hellblazer, Constantine gets out with his hide, helps no one, and bad stuff continues to happen, it just no longer affects him. It’s a bit bleak–make that a whole damn lot bleak– but it’s still just right for this character.

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