Back From Los Angeles

Rowen and I took a week vacation in L.A. She gets a weird week off right in the beginning of November for no good reason and I always forget about it until a week or so before. We used some of Mia’s miles and went back to see the family.

The family is good!

Cousins and brothers and sisters are all healthy and happy. Mom is doing excellent.

And got to hang with Kelly, Vicky (Vicki? Surely not, she was born in NE!) and Lucas. And he, being the evil sort he is, got me and Rowen hooked on Guitar Hero. You all shall surely pay for that!

And now I’m back.

Yay Me!


2 Responses

  1. I’m expecting to see your name pop up in my xbox live sometime between now and xmas.

  2. ‘Fraid not, Guitar hero III is available for the Wii. :)

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