Witty Book or Writing Related Title

I’m in search of a title for this recurring post. Help me out if you have an idea. The more asinine the better. Here are some of my attempts:

  • Breaking The Spine
  • All That Jazz, And Some Books!
  • (this isn’t an entry, I’m just noticing that I actually sort of like “Breaking The Spine”, it’s cutesy in a bad way)
  • Brain Vomit
  • Mystical Musing From The Whimsical Mage Of StoryReading Land, OF THE FUTURE!
  • (also not an entry, but I think more sentences should end with “OF THE FUTURE!”)

So now you should have a crystal clear idea of exactly what I’m looking for.

Finished Athyra by Steven Brust, The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar and In Persuasion Nation by George Saunders. Most of the way through World War Z by Max Brooks and still working on Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle.

Brust, as always, sends Vlad off to kick ass and show off what a softy he is. A violent and deadly softy, but still a softy. I’m never disappointed by these books.

The Good Fairys Of New York Cover ImageThe Good Fairies of New York I got after reading a review in, I think, the Oct. issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It’s a very wacky take on classic British Isles fairies and what happens to them when NYC gets it’s hooks in. He really spins a complex tale, but each strand is fairly straight forward. There’s the insane baglady and her conquest of ancient Rome, or Sumeria, or something. There is the blood insult dealt to one clan when two drunk fairies tear off their banner. And of course there’s the vengeful artist who falls for the angry dork with the help of those same two fairies. And I haven’t even mentioned the fairy race war, the industrial revolution, the love sick freedom fighters, or the flower. Millar took me through all that with a smile on my face and left me wanting more from him. I’ll be seeking it out.

In Persuasion Nation is a collection of George Saunders short stories. These are all very good stories. Mostly about conformity and commercialism, extrapolated into very stylized near future. Good stuff. But the problem is that they are very similar. These stories really need to be read a few months to a year apart. I think I’d have loved them that way. I plan on picking up another of his collections, but I’ll space it out this time.

World War Z Cover ImageWorld War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War I picked up in the airport, having burned through all my reading material while in LA. What an excellent choice! I’m loving this book. It’s a series of interviews with survivors of the zombie plague that swept the earth 10 years previously. The author does a great job making each voice individual and telling a story across multiple unconnected personal tales.

I’ve talked about Many Waters before, and I’m a little sad that it’s slowed down to this point. Part of the reason I haven’t bothered to get back to it is that I have so many other good things to read. It’s still active at this point though. And the weakness of this book does NOTHING to detract from the first books.

I need to read reviews more often. I’m not sure what I had against them up to now, but I never used to read them. I only read the one mentioned above because I had nothing else on me to read. Call me a slow learner.


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