Good News

I think the keyboard on my Treo is gummed up. The bottom right keys are sticking and causing quite a lot of problems. naturally, this means I will need… a New Phone! YAY!

Now what phone do I get. The choices are many. The problem is that I really like Verizon as far as coverage goes, plus I’m not eligible for an upgrade. I still have my eye on the Helio Ocean. And Verizon does have a some nice phones coming out. Still, thank the gremlins that messed up my keyboard.


4 Responses

  1. Well, take a look at the Nokia N95. The European version now has an 8GB HD, and I’m sure you could get one over here unlocked easily enough. It’s some serious phonage.

  2. I’m a qwerty guy. And I really don’t need 8GB on a phone. I’m thinking of switching to Sprint, the Mogul is a nice phone.

  3. WinMo? Yikes. I wouldn’t submit myself to that pain no matter what.

  4. Yeah, that’s one thing that makes me hesitate. I’d really like a Palm OS.

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