Sarcasm Overload

We live in a very sarcastic world. I mostly like it that way, to be honest.

But there does come a time when it can mess me up. Like when I really, honestly do want to know where you got that quote from. Or no, I haven’t ever heard of that particular factoid and I actually would find it fascinating, so please tell me already! You can still ask questions like that, but you have to add an unwieldy preamble: “I went looking for that quote you mentioned and couldn’t find it on my own which is why I’m asking you about it so I hope you don’t think I’m being a smartass when I ask where you got it from and I want you to know that I don’t think you made it up or anything I just want to read it and the source material because I think, no really, I do think, it might be interesting, okay?”

Of course, you don’t actually have to add that preamble, but I do find myself wanting to, just to insure there’s no confusion about my intentions.  Which is a waste of my time.

I’ve decided to assume non-sarcasm on the part of others and will assume they grant me the same leeway. This isn’t exactly a genius level realization here, I know. But I think it will reduce my self-inflicted angst level a little bit.


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