Palm Love

I’ve had a Palm OS device since about 2000. My first one was a Palm IIIe. Since then I’ve had another Palm device, a Sony Clie, and my current Treo 650.

I love the Palm OS. It’s tiny, and unobtrusive and utterly functional. It’s robust as hell, I can count on one hand the times I have serious failures in 7 years. And there is such a wealth of applications for Palm, often freeware, that it’s a joy looking for new additions.

But this article at Crunchgear is dead on the money when it says that it’s sink or swim time for Palm. This is the last possible chance, and it doesn’t look like they are going to make the drastic move they have to if they want to survive. My only hope is that the OS gets sold off to some company that manages to breathe new life into it. I really hope it happens. For a while it’s been looking like my next phone will be a WinMo, and that’s just sad.


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