Comics, Vol. 3

It’s been a while so I have a lot of books (for me).

  • Ultimate Power No. 9 of 9:
    I forgot to cancel my order for this book after last issue, and thank GOD! Because I would have missed out on the chance to write the following sentence: This book is a great big steaming pile of garbage, offal, dung, tripe, and shit. The real pity is all that paper used to print the thing could have gone to a good cause, like banners in support of Brittany Spears, postit notes used to make a witty and ironic larger sign that self referentially mentions postit notes, or institution grade toilet paper capable of scrapping off several layer of skin. Alas for what might have been.
  • The Goon No. 20:
    Man-eating bird-women are killing idiots who owe the Goon money. This will not stand! So naturally the Goon goes and tries to beat the crap outta them and anyone else in the vicinity. I heart violence.
  • The Boys No. 12 – 14:
    This wraps up the story of Nina, a sex crazed homicidal midget and ends in a scene showing a few hundred heads exploding (it’s Garth Ennis, what else could happen?)
  • Jack of Fables No. 17 and 18:
    This is still a fun book, but I hope it gets on track with a story soon. These two episodes have been a bit light on story. No. 18 set up some good stuff to come.
  • Powers No 26:
    I really love this book. It might be my favorite straight comic right now. It’s half hard boiled detective and half superheros. And the whole thing works because you get to know the characters as people first. This is great writing.
  • Fables No. 67 and 68:
    Ambrose the Frog Prince keeps stirring the pot in the Fablelands. First he defeats then recruits the champion of his enemies, then he sicks ghosts on them, then he surrenders and is apparently hacked to bits. Dude has a plan.
  • Hellblazer No 238 and 239:
    238 is a stand alone issue. John helps his old… friend? Map, an incarnation of the City of London, only to have his good deeds turned to shit. You know, if Constantine wasn’t such an utter asshole himself, you could start to feel sorry for the guy.

There are a few collections as well, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. I guess it wasn’t as many books as I thought.


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