Vanishing Music

No, I don’t mean the Northwestern Toe and Dental Floss genre of music that has sadly waned in popularity since it’s heyday in the early 1960’s. Though that loss weighs heavily as well.

I’m talking about music I own that just seems to disappear. It happens regularly. A CD that I know I own will just go missing. I suppose it’s possible a sufficiently diligent search would turn it up, but I prefer to believe that they have transmuted from earthly existence into something that the gods as personal hygiene products. Amen.

What’s annoying is that it’s always the good CDs that go missing. The 2 disc set of a classical orchestra doing instrumental versions of Sinatra classics (it’s so much more dire than that makes it sound) is beyond easy reach. It fairly leaps out at me, begging to be played, please, just hone time! NO! Get back in you hole! But the Queen Greatest Hits disc is missing beyond all possibility of ever being recovered (again, that assumes I’m not going to really exert myself (and I’m not)).

I suppose it’s not my place to ask the gods why, oh why they choose the greatness of Freddy Mercury to elevate past the mortal plane, still, I shed a tear.


3 Responses

  1. I assume you’re never read Displace Person

    It’s about a boy who ends up in the place where things go when they disappear.

  2. “Displaced”

    I can’t type that last d, whether it’s a search engine or a correction, it wants to be ‘displace’

  3. No, but it sounds good. Is it YA?

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