Some months ago I saw this video on making karaage, a kind of japanese fried chicken. It seemed fairly easy, and I do love karaage, so I decided to give it a shot. Naturally I didn’t get around to it for almost 2 months. IOn my defense, it was difficult finding the mirin and potato starch that the recipe called for. I eventually ordered them online.

I tried it out last night. I have to say it was not really a success. First, before last night I had never deep fried anything. So I really didn’t have very good technique. First, I was way to impatient; I put too many pieces of chicken into the oil at one time. That causes the temperature of the oil to fluctuate too much. Second, I didn’t get an even coating of potato starch most of the time. Both are easy to solve, I think. Exercise patience, and use a ziplock bag to coat the chicken (I did that with a few pieces at the end and those turned out better).  I also think I should have used chicken breast rather than thigh. The thigh is already to moist that I think it may not have picked up the marinade well enough. It also has more fatty bits with I seemd not to do too well after deep frying. And finally, I need to change up some things in the recipe. The marinade had too much mirin and needed something added to it (not sure what yet), I need to season the potato starch better, and I need to make sure I have Japanese mayonnaise for dipping.

Still, while it wasn’t a success, it wasn’t a failure and I will definitely be trying it again.


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