That Twiting Thing

UPDATE: I failed to include the location of my twitter stream:

I signed up for twitter yesterday.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just not for me. I realized a long time ago that asynchronous communication is not what I’m best at. Usenet, email, and message boards have long been places where I failed to interact well. IRC and IM seemed to be natural for me.

Twitter is odd in that it is mostly synchronous, replies tend to come fairly soon after you tweet. But there’s a very strong element of performance, or exhibitionism. Most tweets don’t really demand a response, they are announcements of a sort. That makes me want to perform. When I signed up at first all I wanted to post were very lame attempts at bon mots. I had to force myself out of that. But that left me with your basic self-revelatory entries: I’m off to take a shower, I think I’ll spoil myself and have a cookie, what’s this growth in my armpit?

And I suppose that’s really kind of the point of twitter. I just am not sure if it’s something I want to do. I was really hoping for a more conversational effect. Maybe that’s something you can only attain with enough followers. I’ll keep at it for a while ,see how things go.


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  1. Well, I read this second. Silly me.

    It really does make a huge difference in how many people you follow. Don’t be shy. Start following people. Add like 10-15 in the next few days. It really does make a difference.

  2. That was part of my reticence. What’s the etiquette of twitter? Can I add people at will, and respond to them?

  3. Yes, definitely. There are people who close themselves off, requiring them to allow you to add them. I did that for awhile mostly because I was getting weird people/sites adding me. Then I realized, who cares if they add me. Unless I add them back, I don’t have to see their tweets.

    People are used to being followed (a term I find a bit disconcerting). Add the ones you find interesting.

    Also, a newer feature that helps is to set twitter to show @replies to you from people who aren’t in your stream. This is cool. I have recently been getting a lot of replies to my tweets from people who must find me via the public timeline. Without this, I wouldn’t know they replied to me.

  4. Kelly:

    Hmmm… I’m not seeing that option. Where is it?

  5. /account/notifications

    @ Replies: Show me all @ replies

  6. My reading of that setting is that it shows you @replies from people you follow that are not replies to you.

  7. Nope. From the “What’s This” link:

    Always: all @ replies
    I receive all @replies from people I follow, even if I don’t follow the person to whom the @reply is directed.This setting is ideal for those seeking maximum social Twitter interaction, as viewing replies to people you don’t follow may spur impulsive or compulsive Twitter reading (or both!) as well as more potential @replying on your part. You may develop an unexpected interest in friends of friends, followers of friends, friends of followers. (Do you fly by the seat of your panties? Pick me!)

  8. Oh crap. Here’s what happens when you are tired and don’t read the whole thing. Yes, you are right.

    But, in my defense, before this setting went into effect, you would not see @replies from strangers. Even though it doesn’t say so, it also shows you @replies to you from people you don’t follow.

    My bad. Sorry.

  9. Cool, I have that as my setting as well. Thanks.

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