A Confession

I hate Legos.

I have all my life. I have never once gotten even a minutes enjoyment from playing with Legos. They were huge when I was a kid, just like they are now. My friends all had tub after tub full. And they could all spend hours configuring them and building city-scapes of them. There were buildings and vehicles and robots. And I’d just shrug at them.

My ambivalence is not restricted to just those multicolored blocks. Lincoln Logs, simple blocks, and Erector Sets all did nothing for. Maybe I had a stunted imagination, though in most other ways it seemed fully functional. I was curious, built elaborate pillow forts, scrounged wood to make a clubhouse, and wrote stories. Plus I was a fairly typical geek, devouring endless amounts of science fiction. It just never ‘took’. The construction toys left me cold, and still do.  Which isn’t to say I don’t like them on an academic level. They are the first gifts I give to kids (boy and girls, I noticed that girls sometimes get short shrift in the building toys department) , and I’m aware that they help develop the brain (including language skills according to this study). I just didn’t enjoy them

So when I see the vast and prodigious amounts of nostalgia for Legos on sites like BoingBoing, io9, Engadget, and Geekdad it just leaves me cold. Yeah, I get it, it’s a beloved plaything from your past. And I suppose I don’t begrudge you the misty look back at things from your past, I’ve been know to do the same. But it’d be nice if we could keep it to a dull roar.


2 Responses

  1. You knew this would provoke a response from me, I suspect. Probably because I was one of those friends with the tubs who sat for hours on end. :)

    I find it hard to believe that you hate them. For me, they go deep into who I am, and how I think about things. I find that, even today at this age, I can pull open a big box and lose myself in their endless possibilities. They were such a stable rock for me as a kid. I knew I could go into them and be at peace.

    I find that today’s Legos are a bit much. All the sets that now take up the shelf space at toy stores are just media outlets for movies and other stuff. Though, I should say that the pieces now are pretty rad.

    It’s too bad you didn’t enjoy them, from my point of view anyway. Funny I don ‘t remember that about you as a kid.

  2. Yeah, I remember clearly how much you loved them. Hell, maybe I’m just jealous of that.

    Truth is I don’t really “hate” them, I just don’t care about them. Then to see them endlessly featured on sites I do love, it bugged me.

    I get why they are so popular, though.

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