American Idol, A Love/Hate Thing

I’ve watched every season since season 2. And I hate pretty much everything about it. I really don’t know exactly why I watch it. Maybe it’s the very rare performance that really is great. Like in season 3 when Fantasia Barrino sang “Summertime”. But is all the stuff I hate (everything else) worth it? I suppose it must be, I still watch.

Luckily my viewing habits for the show mean I don’t have to suffer through to much. I Tivo the whole thing then fast forward through everyone talking that isn’t Simon. The contestants, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Ryan Seacrest are all boring and basically say the same thing. Simon is at least honest and occasionally interesting. Even the songs only get 30 seconds in most cases. I’d guess that I only hear one song in five all the way through. The results show is even easier, skip to the end and I’m done.

But, I do watch it, and even dig talking about it. Maybe I can blame it on a tumor in my brain?


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