This Internet I Breath

My livelihood does not depend on the ‘net. Nothing horribly bad will happen if I don’t have access 24/7. I’d be sad and pathetically frantic, but that’s it.

Some folks really must have a working internet connection. Some of those folks need it essentially 24/7 as they are doing business with people around the world. For them, it makes perfect sense to have a web enabled phone on their person at all times. They have a wireless laptop in the home in addition to a desktop. And that same laptop or another one goes with them when they go anywhere.

Most folks do not need that level of connectivity. No where near that. For most, a connection at work that’s not too horribly crippled by company installed nannyware, plus a desktop or laptop at home with a cable or dsl connection is sufficient. Kids of course require more connectedness.

For me, all I really need to meet my internet needs is this desktop machine with it’s cable connection. But I have Treo with web access as well. Really slow web access.

And I expect more. Recently I came to the realization that the internet in the basement was just way way to far away. If I’m watching a movie with Mia and she insists that the star played the brother of the pimp in SLASHERS ON BROADWAY and I know for sure that she’s wrong because she’s thinking of the actor that played the love interest in BROADWAY SLASHERS 5: THE RETURN OF NATHAN LANE, I need to be able to look that information of NOW. How else will I be proved wrong in a timely fashion?

More people are coming to feel that way. The ‘net is slowly becoming to feel like less of a luxury and more of a necessity. I’m almost to the point that I’m surprised when I can’t just hop on the ‘net.

BTW, I’ve acted to rectify my appalling lack of connectivity by buying an Asus EEE PC. I’m giddy with anticipation of it’s arrival.


2 Responses

  1. A PC? Seriously? I hope you chose Linux or something. I was going to suggest an iPhone or iPod Touch. I used it during a heated family Scrabble game for hehe.

    I’ve had my Touch now since March and it has single handedly changed my thoughts on the iPhone. Before the iPod, I kind of wanted an iPhone. I could sort of see how nice it might be, and sure, they are pretty.

    But now? I am 100% sold. Come June, when v2 comes out, I think it will revolutionize what we think of the internet as a whole. Slowly, yes. But it will.

    Topic change, but I had a friends Toshiba laptop over this weekend for fixing. I had forgotten how rotten Windows XP is in general. Yuck.

  2. It comes with linux installed. I don’t plan on changing that.

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