Back to School, For Me

So I went and enrolled at Rutgers. Classes start on the 3rd of September.

My goal is to end up with a Masters in elementary education. To get there though, I have to get another Bachelors, this time in English. I would have gone straight for a Masters but every program required references, either professional (I haven’t worked in 11 years) or educational (I haven’t been in college for 13 years). So that was out.

It should only take me three years. At which time I’ll be go get a job teaching elementary school. Something I’ve wanted to do for 14 years but never got off my ass to get done.

Wish me luck.


Daughter, Don’t Let Miley Cyrus Be Any Kind of Lesson at All

Dear Daughter,

You have by now seen the video of Miley twerkin’ it. You may also have read some posts filled with moral outrage at her actions. Or maybe tearful concern for the poor girl we once knew so well, on TV (you know, the fictitious TV show written by grown men and women and broadcast by a corporation whose sole aim is to make even more money, that girl we knew so well). Or a bunch of other bullshit.

Ignore it all. It doesn’t apply to you. Here’s why:

You are not Miley Cyrus.

I hope that doesn’t come as a shock to you. You are not the daughter of a one hit wonder musician desperate to relive his glory days. You are not the former star of an extruded Disney TV product. You are not a 20 year old with fame and scads of cash and an audience of millions. You have not been raised with one goal in mind, fame. You are educated.

(And I’m sorry about the lack of fame and money, seriously, my bad.)

You have as much in common with Miley Cyrus as you do with a 50 year old captain of a shrimp boat, almost nothing.

So you go on doing those things you have been doing: getting good grades, straying out of trouble, trying to figure out who you are in the world, struggling, succeeding, kicking ass. Miley can take care of herself.


Hey Miley? All those bluenoses tututing at you? Fuck ’em!

I’m back

So. I moved this back here because that was more work than I’m willing to do. Mind you, it was a fractionally small amount of work. But that’s more than I want to do. Also, I believe I lost the domain, the hosting, and basically everything else. So I’m back here sort of by default.

It’s likely to be some whines at first. I have a few built up.


I’ve movedCatch 19 to a hosted site.

The new site is

All ravenous fans can find me there. So… start ravening.

Hell Is Other People

You know how sometimes you think to yourself “Oh man, it would be hell to have to eat at crowded McDonalds were there were no chairs and everyone there knew everyone else except you but they a kept mistaking you for Uncle Maxwell The ChildMolester.” Right? We all have thoughts like that at regularly timed intervals.

But then, sometimes, get a glimpse into a real hell. A hell that millions of people willingly submit to. Here is one such glimpse:

via Neatorama

Shiny Things

The Next Jonestown?

The Westboro Baptist Church seems poised to finally decide it’s time to begin the end of the world. This video is fairly laughable. Even some of the folks in it can’t keep a straight face. What’s scary about it is that they don’t sing the song with a whole lot of venom and screaming. They are so into their fantasy that singing a song about the end of the world and folks eating babies is just another get-together for them. It’s almost routine. And I imagine when they go to that next step, that will all just seem like more of them same.

The last 30 seconds are stomach churning.

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