Back to School, For Me

So I went and enrolled at Rutgers. Classes start on the 3rd of September.

My goal is to end up with a Masters in elementary education. To get there though, I have to get another Bachelors, this time in English. I would have gone straight for a Masters but every program required references, either professional (I haven’t worked in 11 years) or educational (I haven’t been in college for 13 years). So that was out.

It should only take me three years. At which time I’ll be go get a job teaching elementary school. Something I’ve wanted to do for 14 years but never got off my ass to get done.

Wish me luck.


Open House

I went to Rowen’s Open House today. It was the standard stuff, principal’s speech then to the class.

I did like the class quite a bit, and her teacher this year, Mrs. Chacko (rhymes  with Taco)seems very good. Sh’s got the class nicely set up with centers and reading area and plenty of stuff on the walls to stimulate the brain. And most impressive is thew library she brought with her. One whole wall is all books for the kids. That, to me, is a good sign. It’s all very organzied without being over regimented. Not always an easy balance to strike.

Mrs. Chacko is new to the district, but not new to teaching. It’s hard to tell this early how good a teacher will be, but Rowen likes her and I was impressed at open house. So I’m looking forward to this year.

I still need to contact the Challenge instructors  (the Challenge Program is what they call the Gifted and Talented program here). Rowen was in math challenge last year, I’d like her to be in both math and language arts this year. Yes, I’m bragging

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