Back to School, For Me

So I went and enrolled at Rutgers. Classes start on the 3rd of September.

My goal is to end up with a Masters in elementary education. To get there though, I have to get another Bachelors, this time in English. I would have gone straight for a Masters but every program required references, either professional (I haven’t worked in 11 years) or educational (I haven’t been in college for 13 years). So that was out.

It should only take me three years. At which time I’ll be go get a job teaching elementary school. Something I’ve wanted to do for 14 years but never got off my ass to get done.

Wish me luck.


Calling 911

Today, for the first time in my life, I called 911.

Me and Rowen were on our way to dinner (Baja Fresh) when we saw a very small brush fire in a bank parking lot.  SO I pulled in to take a look. In truth, it looked like it would have burned itself out in a short while. it was isolated and there was no additional fuel nearby. But, despite the other cars nearby, one of which had likely already called the fire dept., I called 911. They thanked me, and let me know that fire dept was already dispatched. The arrived even as I hung up.

We drove on, and being the annoying dad I decided this was a learning opportunity for Rowen. So I asked her what she thought about me calling 911. She said she thought other people had already done so. And I told her that, yeah, they did. That led to talking about doing the right thing, even if you think it’s needless. Or redundant, or time consuming. She got it, and didn’t seem to mind my little detour into learning-land.

I’m still surprised that I’ve never before had need to call 911. And even in this case it wasn’t really an emergency.

Doing Deeds

This from the L.A. Times is fascinating. The author tests out various local and long distance personal assistants. I’ve recently been reading a blog aimed at folks who do virtual assistant jobs, Apple Door Says NO to Bundy Clocks (I confess that a big part of the reason I’m reading it is the name, which is unexplained at the site).

I don’t have the patience or people skills to do something like that, but I have been idly thinking of things I might do to make money. My sister, Maureen, is making her income from ebay. It took a while to become profitable, but she worked her ass off the whole time and now it pays her bills. I’ve been momentarily attracted by the plethora of cell center type jobs that you can do from your computer, but since I’d rather have a white-hot curved metal rod shoved slowly through one eye and out the other and then while I scream my throat raw get gored to death by gene-engineered carnivorous miniature mammoths, that route is out.

The truth is that I don’t want to work from home or own my own business. I want to teach. Substituting is fun, but it doesn’t pay much, and it’s not as personally rewarding as having a class. I need to figure out how to make that happen, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

LA Times link via BoingBoing

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