Racism, My Dear Watson.

I think scientists are among the coolest people on earth. They are directly involved with increasing our understanding of everything. They are the front line in the fight against ignorance and superstition. As a group they are a bit like heroes to me. That said I don’t really have the intelligence of attention span to know enough about individual scientists or their contributions. I know a few and have read the occasional pop sci book.  This is a failing of mine. And if anyone wants to recommend a biography or science book by someone, please do.

Crick and Watson are two of the ones I do know about. The fathers of DNA. Maybe the most important discovery since fire, or antibiotics, or genetics. Both of them people to be hailed. Until you read this:

Controversial DNA pioneer’s talk halted – Yahoo! News

Turns out one of the most well known scientists is a racist. I do wish my heroes would stop letting me down.


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